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SharePoint Services

ExoGrow Solutions, a leading provider of SharePoint Services, empowers organizations to harness the transformative power of SharePoint and achieve their strategic goals. Through our comprehensive suite of SharePoint services, we help businesses of all sizes streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and boost productivity.

SharePoint Services
SharePoint Services

Custom Development & Tailored Sharepoint Services

Streamline remote work and collaboration with our optimized SharePoint services. Our team of Microsoft experts specialize in enhancing productivity through real-time access and support. Benefit from instant communication and streamlined document management with Microsoft Teams and 365 suite integration. 

Boost Your Productivity and Collaboration withSahrePoint Services

Customised Solution

Our approach begins with understanding your business objectives. We tailor SharePoint solutions that align with your company’s goals, ensuring a seamless integration into your existing workflow. With Exogrow, you receive a personalised experience that transforms the way you operate.

SharePoint Intranet


We can help your company by creating a safe and easy platform for your employees to work together, share resources and communicate. We’ll make a customised SharePoint site that fits your needs and is easy to use.

SharePoint Design


Our SharePoint team converts paper forms to online forms, automates processes and builds custom web applications. Our decades of experience ensure you get the most out of the flexible SharePoint tool.

SharePoint Integration


We can help you seamlessly move your content to SharePoint and integrate it with Microsoft programs, Gmail, Teams, and social media. With experience in various CRMs, ERPs, and PM systems, we can also assist with content management and team collaboration on your SharePoint sites.

SharePoint Training

We offer expert Microsoft technology services with the latest updates and SharePoint Online training. We specialize in intranet development, workflow automation, and form building, and can customize a package to meet your business needs.

Audit and Overview

We assess your business needs, current systems, user accounts, and collaboration methods before implementing SharePoint framework.

SharePoint Migration

We help move complex infrastructures to Office 365 with automated transition for fast results while ensuring the same functionality. Get cloud benefits. Learn more at belitsoft.com/sharepoint-development-services.

Benefits of using SharePoint services

Increased productivity

SharePoint boosts productivity by enabling centralized file storage, project collaboration, and workload management.

Improved collaboration

SharePoint makes it easy for employees to collaborate on projects, even if they are located in different offices or countries.

Enhanced security

SharePoint provides robust security features to protect your data from unauthorized access.

Our SharePoint Services online Expertise

Business Process Automation


SharePoint makes work easier by turning manual tasks into automated processes. This helps teams work better together and reduces mistakes. It also speeds up how quickly work gets done.

SharePoint Business Solutions

We customize our services to suit your business needs and use the platform’s adaptable features to provide dependable solutions for multi-level company interactions and efficient data management. This includes systems for managing HR and learning, discussion boards, and help desk applications.

Document Management

We use SharePoint to create a system that helps manage a company’s electronic files in one place. The system helps prevent data loss and unauthorized access. With helpful labels and organization, we make it easy to find, edit, and store documents safely. The system also allows for a shared virtual workspace.

Combine SharePoint Services with OneDrive, Office 365, and portals for better accessibility and continuity.

Office 365 & SharePoint Online

Utilize the potential of Office 365 in enriching the users and businesses to manage their documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other essential documents on a unified platform.

SharePoint Services

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SharePoint Services

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SharePoint is a safe and reliable way to store, organize, access and share data. It is widely used around the world for managing documents and collaborating. We can help you customize your SharePoint site with unique features and designs.

Our services for SharePoint include development, consulting, migration and integration, as well as managed services for business processes and work-flow management.

We take time to work with our clients and understand what they need for their SharePoint projects. We make a map of how the site will be organized and help our clients implement SharePoint in a way that will work best for their business.

We can help you with many different things for your SharePoint plan. This includes setting up your network and providing a place for your project to be hosted.

Absolutely. We do focus on both aspects at a time – UX and SharePoint design.

Yes, before initializing a project, we strictly sign an NDA Policy that will build trust between both the parties and ensure a smooth business engagement